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Our History:

Venus Hearing opened February 7 2018, exactly 104 months after our opening of Venus Med Spa. Over that span we have redefined the aesthetic market serving close to 75000 clients in 3 States. Our entire operations are in major malls, offering convenience, great pricing, and excellent client relationships with a staff that excels in all aspects.

With the Venus Hearing concept we are going to create a hearing experience with all those same benefits as the med spa. Our goal will be to educate and offer new technologies never seen on the market. We start with our Bragi, an earbud that operates as a Bluetooth, a step tracker, 4g of memory that can store over 1000 songs, a loop device for shows and concerts, and converts 180 languages into English. We will offer customer support to program devices and educate you on everything we market. Open 7 days a week you can always be assured that we will always allow the customers to enhance their personal experience.

 The hearing center and testing center will let clients understand their number. With hearing loss affecting nearly 50 million Americans we think it is important to help them understand how to maintain a quality of life. We will be carrying all brands and our concept is to have a client leave Venus Hearing, if they choose, on the spot devices. Upon completion of a hearing test we will provide a demo where you can experience walking the mall, going into a restaurant or two, and perhaps go outside and hear things they may have been missing.

 One of the newer technologies is you can get an app that you can send to our store and we can tweak or reprogram devices remotely. Our pricing will be difficult to beat, and our service will be the best. With our team of management, Hearing Specialists, and staff we will always be there to help and assist.

 If you or a relative, loved one, or friend wants the best experience in a full service hearing facility just visit one of our centers. Testing is always a service at no charge and our ultimate goal is to help every individual from getting to the point where there is not many options. With our aging population, a world of convenience, and a general decline in customer service and experience look no further than Venus Hearing!



We are happy to offer you Venus Hearing in Malls throughout the country ... the first of its’ kind.