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 Venus Hearing offers all hearing devices from the top hearing manufacturers:

Oticon OPN

OPN is an open-hearing sound solution built on the super-fast Velox Processing Platform. With a 64-band frequency resolution, Velox is precise collection of algorithms that assists the brain in the listening process. With fast processing speed, Oticon hearing aids provide wearers with an improved, natural listening experience. OPN “opens” up the scope of your listening experience, capturing all of the intricate sounds of your environment and empowering your brain to focus on what it wants to listen to. OPN’s open sound solution does this hard work for you, so that your brain has the energy to remember 20% more compared to previous models – improving wearer memory in any situation

All of our products have the ability to connect and stream to your cell phone. We have rechargeable with tele-coil functionality. Stop by for more details and experience the sounds you have been missing.


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