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Ken Krieg

Ken Krieg

Managing Partner

I managed 4 hearing center up north in Toledo Ohio.My duties included but not limited to marketing, sales and customer service. I also obtained my student license and was able to give hearing evaluations and program hearing devices for my clients. Service and repair were part of my his day to day routine. I am proud to say I have experienced all aspects of the business.


For over 30 years I had a family business photographing rural America utilizing small Cessna airplanes. Helping people preserve their family history. I was fortunate enough to manage over 150 sales people and another 75 in an operational capacity. It was during this time that I met Bill Clarke roughly 30 years ago. Bill is now the founder and owner of Venus Med Spa’s. We are excited to couple hearing with the aesthetic industry and bring hearing devices to mainstream America through a very conversational and comfortable setting in a mall. We are here to help and to serve. I look forward to meeting you.


I met my wife Julie in high school and we will celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. We have three beautiful girls Kendall, Courtney and Mckenzie. I am proud to say they are all college graduates and firmly in the workforce. Next adventure weddings.....

We are happy to offer you Venus Hearing in Malls throughout the country ... the first of its’ kind.